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How to Pay for TokenTax With Crypto
How to Pay for TokenTax With Crypto
You can pay for a TokenTax plan with cryptocurrency. Here's our addresses for BTC and ETH payments.
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It's no surprise that we accept crypto payments.

TokenTax accepts USDC and DAI for all plans/services. We also accept BTC and ETH for VIP and Enterprise plans.

Contact us via live chat on the lower right corner of the page and let us know that you are paying in crypto and which plan you are paying for. We will provide you a price quote and amount to send. These are our crypto addresses for receiving payment:

  • BTC: 38QWR7ejahHamRV8b5BW9uPZtdzLu97pdo

  • ETH: 0x36Be0924F90eD967a4057a292E7662cE5B31C0b6 (tokentax.eth)

  • USDC: 0x36Be0924F90eD967a4057a292E7662cE5B31C0b6 (tokentax.eth)

  • DAI: 0x36Be0924F90eD967a4057a292E7662cE5B31C0b6 (tokentax.eth)

Illiquid coins/NFTs

Here at TokenTax, we never give up on rugged/illiquid tokens. That's why we'll accept any amount of any ERC token as $1 in credit toward a VIP or Enterprise plan. The token(s) must be included as part of a custom invoice, so please reach out to our support team for more information if you are interested.

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