If your file upload went into “in review,” and it shows with a yellow dot in your import data screen, that means that our system doesn't automatically support the file yet.

Unlike other services where you may need to format the CSV / spreadsheet to a template, we take care of it ourselves.

We handle your CSVs for you

Our team formats your file manually and uploads it to your account. This means that, if your exchange’s CSV file is not already supported, you don’t need to worry about filling the data into a spreadsheet template.

If you uploaded the wrong CSV and thus it went into review, feel free to contact our support team so that we can remove the CSV from the review queue.

Be sure to check our CSV instructions

If you uploaded a CSV from a common exchange like Coinbase or Kraken and it went into review, chances are that you just uploaded the wrong type of CSV and the right one will be automatically accepted.

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