***Please note that our Pro plan has been discontinued. Existing Pro plan clients will not be affected and will still have access to the same services advertised for the year(s) that they purchased their Pro plan(s). For additional questions please reach out to support.***


If you are considering or have recently purchased a TokenTax Pro plan, welcome! This article provides an overview of the plan features.

The Pro plan is our highest consumer-level self-service plan. It includes support for up to 20,000 transactions, support for all derivatives on centralized exchanges, access to the FBAR report, and some other features listed on our pricing page.

Under the Pro Plan you are responsible for managing and reconciling your own crypto data. If you would prefer to have one of our recon specialists handle your data reconciliation for you, please look into upgrading to our VIP plan. We would advise reaching out to our client success team via live chat or email before upgrading, as your data may require a custom engagement.

Do I need a Pro plan?

On all plans Premium and higher, the TokenTax crypto tax calculator offers in-app tools that help clients reconcile their own transaction data.

You might be a good candidate for a Pro plan if any of the following apply to your situation:

  • You have a transaction count higher than 5,000 (covered by the Premium plan). The Pro plan covers up to 20,000 transactions. NOTE: if you have under 40,000 transactions, you should be covered under a Pro plan plus a one-time 20k transaction add-on ($199). This can be purchased at the end of the checkout process. If you have higher than 40k transactions, you will need to upgrade to VIP or look into a custom engagement.

  • You have derivatives not covered by the Premium Plan (anything other than BitMex, Deribit, and Bybit) and are unsure how to handle your PnL calculations.

  • You have held more than $10,000 in assets in one or more foreign exchanges at any given time over the tax year you’re purchasing a plan for, and may therefore need to submit an FBAR.

  • You are comfortable reconciling your own data if it is necessary.

What the Pro plan does not include

Our Pro plan is suitable for casual to avid individual traders. It includes access to the crypto tax software and tools for reconciling your own data, plus support for derivative calculations.

Full Crypto Data Reconciliation

You are responsible for managing all of your own crypto data under this plan, with the exception of your derivatives CSV calculations (our team will handle these for you under this plan). We will not reconcile your data or file your crypto taxes under this plan. If you need reconciliation support, you’ll need to upgrade to a VIP plan or reach out to support about custom solutions.

Unlimited Derivative Support

Our accounting team will handle reconciling/calculating your derivatives CSVs for you on any platform except dYdX. Derivatives calculations for each platform you performed those trades on are a one-time-per-year deal, and calculations usually occur near the end of your plan's tax year.

Unlimited DeFi support

At the moment Pro plans include automatic support for the following DeFi platforms:

Uniswap v1, v2, and v3 (on Layer 1)
Maker DAO
TokenSets V1
Ampleforth Geyser
Nexus Mutual
Empty Set Dollar
Dynamic Set Dollar
Rari Capital




Any unsupported DeFi transactions will be your responsibility to reconcile. We highly recommend upgrading to VIP or higher for support for Polygon and Binance Smart Chain transactions, as these edits can be complicated and are often best left to our reconciliation specialists. Our engineers are continually adding support for new chains, but in the meantime other chains will require additional fees on top of a VIP plan. Please contact support for more information if you have trades on Solana, Avalanche, Fantom, Terra, Arbitrum, Polkadot, or any other unsupported chains.

Prior years' reports (8949s, FBARs, etc.)

TokenTax plans are priced per year, so if you need to file/amend for previous years, you will need to purchase multiple plans in order to generate the necessary reports. If you used another crypto tax software for your prior year tax return, you may upload a closing positions report. That can be used as a starting point to acquire cost basis for more recent data that you import.

Data compiling/data entry services

TokenTax can accept CSV exports from any centralized exchange, but we cannot process reports from block explorers, portfolio management software, or any other third-party sources. If you've kept transaction records using your own spreadsheet format, please convert that data to TokenTax's manual CSV upload template.

Unlimited, on-demand support

While our Pro plan is one of our higher tier plans, it is still a self-service plan. You are welcome to utilize the live chat support and email for questions about troubleshooting the software, importing your data, etc. Our client success team cannot reconcile your data for you, import your raw data for you, or give you tax/investment advice.

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