How to get your Binance data

Find out how to get your data from Binance and import it to TokenTax via API or CSV.

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Note that Binance sometimes limits the number of transactions that can be synced or downloaded at a time. Plan ahead so that you will be able to gather all your data before the tax deadline.


  1. Sign in to your Binance account. Hover over the account silhouette on the top navigation bar, and select ‘API Management’ from the dropdown

  2. Enter a name for the API and click ‘Create API’

  3. Complete the 2FA requirements

  4. Copy and save your API key and secret

  5. Ensure ‘Enable Reading’ is selected, and the IP Access Restrictions are set to ‘Unrestricted’

  6. Add your API information to your TokenTax account


  1. Sign in to your Binance account. Hover over ‘Wallet’ on the top navigation bar, and select ‘Transaction History’ from the dropdown

  1. Click on 'Export Transaction History' in the top right corner

  2. On 'Range' select 'Customize' and enter the start/end date of each year (only 3-month histories can be downloaded at a time)

  3. Make sure the 'Hide transfer record' option is checked

  4. Click on 'Generate' and wait for the report to be generated - this may take some time

  5. Repeat the export for each period you have been trading on Binance

  6. If the file is a '.zip' or '.tar.gz' format you will need to extract the contents of the compressed folder to obtain the raw '.csv' before uploading

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