1. Go to your API keys page by clicking your username at the top right, clicking settings, and then selecting the API tab.

  2. Click Generate New Key.

  3. Enable the following permissions: Query Funds, Query Closed Orders & Trades, Query Ledger Entries.

  4. Click Generate Key.

  5. Copy your API key and private (secret) key to TokenTax.

Kraken may take up to 24 hours to sync your data. If you have more than 200 transactions, we recommend uploading via CSV instead.


For Kraken trades, deposits, and withdrawals:

  1. Click History at the top bar, then click Export (https://www.kraken.com/u/history/export).

  2. Select Ledgers (not Trades) from the dropdown, then select your time period, from when you first opened your Kraken account to the present.

  3. Select all the fields by clicking Select All.

  4. Click submit and download your ledgers CSV once it's ready.

  5. Unzip and upload your CSV file to TokenTax.

For Kraken futures:

  1. Login into your Kraken Futures account and navigate to Logs (https://futures.kraken.com/history).

  2. Click on the Download All button at the bottom.

  3. Upload the CSV file to TokenTax.

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