The Crypto.com Exchange API only pulls transactions from the Crypto.com Exchange. You will need to upload a CSV for any other Crypto.com activities. Please allow up to one hour for syncing.


In your Crypto.com Exchange account, click Profile at the upper right corner.

  1. Select Settings, then API keys.

  2. Select Create a new API key and be sure to make it read only.

  3. Create your API key and do not enable IP restrictions.

  4. Copy your API key and secret to TokenTax


  1. Click transaction history icon (top right) on the Crypto Wallet page

  2. Click export icon (top right) on the Transaction History page

  3. Select date range for export and click export to CSV

  4. The CSV file is generated and you can now export it.

Note that Crypto.com Exchange activity is not included in the CSV. You will have to add an API connection to pull this data.

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