How to get your FTX US data
Importing data from FTX US to TokenTax using API or CSV
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At the top right of FTX.US, click the blue button with your Name and select Settings.

  1. Click the left menu button API and select the Create Read-Only API Key button.

  2. Enter your API Key and API Secret into TokenTax.

    1. Note: once you select CLOSE, you will be unable to view the API Secret. If you do not copy your API Secret at this step, you will have to start at step 2 again.

  3. CLOSE the new API Key.

    1. Ensure you created a Read-Only API key. This new API Key should be listed as "Read-only" in the Permissions column.

  4. Back in TokenTax, select the Submit button. TokenTax will begin importing your FTX.US data.


To manually import FTX.US data, upload your Fills, Deposits, and Withdrawals files:

  1. In FTX.US, select the Wallet header button in the top-left of the page.

  2. You should be seeing your Balances page. Select the menu button FILLS.

  3. Export your data by selecting the Download CSV button (looks like a cloud with a down arrow).

  4. Import this CSV file into TokenTax.

  5. Repeat this process with your Deposits and Withdrawals (optional, but preferred).

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