How to add Coinbase Pro API or CSV data

Step-by-step instructions for generating a Coinbase Pro API key/secret/passphrase or importing via CSV

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APIs are a great way to add exchange data because unlike CSVs they can be automatically resynced. However, some exchanges have confusing API processes. In this article we'll describe how to generate Coinbase Pro API data and add that to TokenTax.

Step 1 - On Coinbase Pro, open the API Settings ( by clicking your user icon at the top right.

Step 2 - Click the New API Key button.

Step 3 - In the permissions section, select View.

Step 4 - Copy your Passphrase and keep it in a safe place. You will only be able to see this once during the process.

Step 5 - Click Create API Key. You may be prompted to complete your 2-factor authentication after this step.

Step 6 - Copy your API Secret and keep it in a safe place. You will only be able to see this one during the process.

Step 6 - Copy your API Key by clicking the icon below.

Step 7 - Copy your API Key, API Secret, and API Passphrase into TokenTax on the Coinbase Pro page of the Imports section (


  1. On the top right of Coinbase Pro, click your name. Select Statements from the dropdown.

  2. On the right side of the Statements page, click Generate and then select Fills from the dropdown.

  3. For Product, select All Products.

  4. Set the Start Date to on or before your first time using Coinbase Pro. Set the End Date to the current day.

  5. For Format, select CSV.

  6. Click Generate Report and retrieve the CSV from your email inbox.

  7. Upload the CSV to TokenTax.

  8. Important: If you swapped USD for USDC, you will need to connect Coinbase Pro via API as the CSVs do not include these transactions.

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