Editing NFT transactions to reflect what happened is very simple with TokenTax. By default, all unsupported transactions pull in as deposits and withdrawals. This means they will not register as taxable events until you edit them to reflect what actually happened.

In a mint, you generally spend ETH for the NFT which can be seen as a trade.

Steps to edit mint transactions (single deposit & withdrawal)

  1. Find the transaction you'd like to edit

  2. Select each transfer

  3. Click "Merge into trade"

  4. Recalculate your account on the tax dashboard

  5. Done!

Note: This feature works when the transaction hash is the same and there is only 1 deposit and 1 withdrawal. This does not work when you batch select many transactions.

Steps to edit multi-mint transactions

  1. Find the transaction you'd like to edit

  2. Change all deposits of the NFTs to trades

  3. Divide the number of ETH spent by the number of NFTs reveiced. For example: If I spent 1 ETH on 4 NFTs, the price spent per NFT would be 0.25 ETH

  4. Add 0.25 ETH as the sell amount/currency to each newly edited NFT trade.

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